What's new from CAMLOG

In the recent period, a number of innovations have become available for the CAMLOG and CONELOG systems, which can greatly assist in the design, preparation, and implementation of screw-fixed bridge replacements.

COMFOUR protractor

The new COMFOUR Orientation gauge allows you to design and implement screw-on bridge (COMFOUR) dentures with greater confidence. The protractor helps to plan the insertion direction of the axially inclined implants into the toothless jaw. Laser markings on both sides of the one-piece device indicate the 0 °, 17 °, or 30 ° direction. 

COMFOUR stéges szögmérő
Fúrók orientálása COMFOUR megoldáshoz

The device can be inserted into a 11 mm deep and 2.0 mm diameter guide channel hole using a pin. After insertion, the protractor can be manually bent to the alveolar spine pattern. Properly inserted, the device provides a visual support for proper positioning of the axially tilted implants while forming the bone socket hole.

Article number of product: J3551.0001

Long slotted drive

In addition to the short dowel drives (J5300.0020 and J5300.0025), a 10.8 millimeter longer dowel drive for the 4.3 mm prosthetic platform is now available.

Article number of product: J5300.0021

Stéges behajtó, COMFOUR

COMFOUR long closed spoon impression cap

COMFOUR zártkanalas lenyomatvételi sapkák

J2129.4310 - 6010 COMFOUR closed spoon impression cap The new COMFOUR closed spoon impression cap, 4.5 millimeters longer, allows you to take a closed spoon impression with sufficient accuracy, even with thick gums. These new impression caps have a prosthetic height of 11 millimeters.

Article number of products: J2129.4310-6010

Gum altimeter

Ínymagasságmérő a CAMLOG, CONELOG és iSy rendszerekhez

Sterilizable, reusable titanium alloy gauges can be used to select the right gingival height for straight COMFOUR abutments as well as Locator® or ball head abutments, as well as gum formers. In addition to CAMLOG and CONELOG, the device is also available for iSy.

The article numbers are J3550.3300-3800-4300-5000 and P3550.2200

Bone step


The amount of bone accumulated in the neck of the osseointegrated implant can in many cases prevent the insertion of prosthetic elements into the implant. The new bone step can easily and quickly remove excess bone around the implants. The bone step is guided by a guide pin fixed in the screw thread of the implant and provided with a depth stop.

This device is system-specific, with Tube-in-Tube for CAMLOG implants and a separate pin for conical fitting at CONELOG. The bone trap is available for both CAMLOG and CONELOG implants, 5.0 mm in diameter (3.3 mm diameter implants), 6.0 mm in diameter (3.8 and 4.3 mm in diameter implants), and 7.0 mm in diameter (for 5.0 mm diameter implants). Both the bone ladder and the guide pin are color-coded for easy compatibility with the prosthetic platform.

Article number of products: J5003.3350-4360-5070

Temporary titanium abutment for bridge replacement

Titanium abutments for both CAMLOG and CONELOG are available for temporary bridge replacement. These Tube-inTube as well as the temporary abutments without a conical connection allow the correction of an axis deviation of up to 30 ° (15 ° per implant). These abutments are available for all prosthetic platforms. The prosthetic platform is marked on the abutment.

Article number of products:


Ideiglenes titán műcsonk hídpótláshoz

CAD / CAM titanium abutment for bridge replacement

These abutments are also designed without a Tube-inTube / conical connection and serve as the basis for bridge constructions designed with a unique CAD / CAM process. These abutments are also capable of correcting shaft misalignment up to 30 ° (15 ° per implant) and are available on all prosthetic platforms of the CAMLOG and CONELOG systems.

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CAD-CAM titán alap hídhoz