Surgical sutures

Since its founding in 1866, SERAG-WIESSNER has come a long way. However, despite the rich history of the manufacturer, which is still a family-owned manufacturer, it does not look to the past, but combines this decades of experience with scientific innovation. 

SERAG-WIESSNER in Naila, Bavaria has an unusual tradition: with more than 150 years of existence, it is known as the oldest active manufacturer of German surgical sutures. 

In the early 20th century, the company, founded by Carl Wiessner, began mass production of sterile catgut. However, the real breakthrough came with the 1961 merger of WIESSNER and SERAG. Thanks to the new factory complex built in Naila, SERAG-WIESSNER has started to develop dynamically. 

Today, SERAG-WIESSNER manufactures a number of materials used in medicine: textile implants, infusion solutions, and wound cleansers can also be found in the portfolio. The company has also become a world-renowned manufacturer of sutures used in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.

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Non - absorbable sutures

SERAG-WIESSNER offers a wide range of non-absorbable surgical sutures. These sutures are available in a variety of designs for a variety of indications:

  • colored and uncoloured,
  • synthetic (polymer) and natural (silk),
  • monofilament (monofilament and pseudo-monofilament) and multifilament (braided, braided, twisted).

Non-absorbable sutures available

SUPRAMID (black and undyed)

For smaller sizes 5-0 and 7-0, this non-absorbable polyamide yarn has a monofilament structure. It is made in twisted and coated versions with diameters larger than 4-0 (pseudo-monofilament). 

SUPRAMID provides outstanding knot safety and is preferred for use in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery due to its capillary-free design.

SERAFLEX® (black and undyed)

As a raw material for SERAFLEX® from cocoon
prepared with fine yarn. The raw silk yarn is carefully braided and
coated to make it waterproof and increase its resilience
against natural acids. 

Silk as a non-absorbable surgery
suture has been known in medicine for centuries. Outstanding flexibility, and
its excellent handling has long been known.

TERYLENE (green and undyed)

This braided, coated, polyester yarn has proven its high tensile strength over the decades.

SULENE® (green)

The non-absorbable SULENE® yarn is made of specially braided polyester. 

The special coating minimizes the risk of the suture cutting through the fabric (this is one of the disadvantages of braided sutures).

Seralon® (blue and undyed)

This non-absorbable polyamide yarn is specifically soft and foldable compared to other monofilament sewing materials. 

In addition, SERALON® has a lot of properties that allow a lot of safety.

SERAPREN® (blue)

SERAPREN® is a non-absorbable monofilament polypropylene yarn. 

Due to its smooth and non-porous surface, it is also preferred for sewing leather.

SERA ones® (blue)

Thanks to its smooth and non-porous surface, this non-absorbable, monofilament polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) yarn penetrates the fabric optimally. 

PVDF is very similar to polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).


SERAMON® is an extremely reliable accessory for oral surgery in terms of patient comfort and surgical safety. This PTFE sewing material is a flexible and monofilament inert yarn with outstanding tensile strength. SERAMON® is excellently tolerated by human tissue and can be easily knotted.

These positive properties are due to the special material composition of SERAMON®. Due to the extreme softness of the material, it is preferred to use in the mucosa.

SERA TAN® (blue and undyed)

SERATAN® is a newly developed plasma-based monofilament polyamide suture coated with a thin layer of titanium. 

As a result, the human body responds extremely well to this suture.

Absorbable sutures

There are a number of solutions available if the indication requires the suture to be absorbed into the tissue. Sewing materials are available in different lengths and diameters that are absorbed in the short, medium, or long term.

Absorbent sutures available

SERAFFIT® (violet and undyed)

SERAFIT®, made of polyglycolic acid braids, is known for its outstanding flexibility and excellent penetration properties. It is absorbed in the medium term (in 60-90 days).

It can be reliably cured even in wet media, excellent knot safety is guaranteed.

Serap® (Undyed)

SERAPID®, like SERAFIT®, has a flexible braided structure that results in a high level of safety.

However, SERAPID® stands out due to its rapid absorption time (30-42 days). This is the result of shortening the molecular chain of the polymer backbone.

SERAFAST® (violet and undyed)

For indications where the wound healing time is short and the beneficial properties of monofilament sutures really matter, SERAFAST® is the most suitable solution.

This suture is made of polyglycolic acid caprolactone in terms of material composition and is known for its softness.


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Strong and precise needles

A wide portfolio of stainless steel needles is available for SERAG-WIESSNER sewing materials.

Stainless steel attraumatic needles have high resistance and outstanding penetration properties.

300 series steel

SERAG-WIESSNER needles are based on the 300 series low-sulfur austenitic stainless steel with excellent properties.

This steel is widely used in various surgical procedures due to its excellent bendability.


SERAG-WIESSNER needles are based on the 300 series low-sulfur austenitic stainless steel with excellent properties.

This steel is widely used in various surgical procedures due to its excellent bendability.


Most popular needles in dental and maxillofacial surgery:

Kör keresztmetszetű sebészeti tű
Circular cross-sectional surgical needle
Kör keresztmetszetű sebészeti tű csiszolt heggyel
Circular surgical needle with polished tip
Háromszögletű keresztmetszettel rendelkező tű kívül elhelyezkedő vágóéllel és speciális heggyel
Needle with a triangular cross-section with a cutting edge on the outside and a special tip
Háromszögletű keresztmetszettel rendelkező tű kívül elhelyezkedő vágóéllel
Needle with a triangular cross-section with a cutting edge on the outside

Practical packaging

In addition to traditional packaging, SERAG-WIESSNER's self-developed innovative, multifunctional packaging solution called 'iQ box' provides a practical alternative to combined (needle + yarn) packaging.

The iQ box makes it easy to remove the needle-yarn combination from the packaging and minimizes the memory effect that is often a problem with monofilament sewing materials. This minimizes the chance of accidental knotting.

Thanks to the special packaging, the needle and sewing material can be identified immediately. The sewing material provides excellent handling due to the way it is stored inside the package.

  • Sterile removal
  • Easy to use
  • Significantly reduced memory effect
  • Scannable QR code on sterile packaging

In 2013, the iQ box packaging won the German Packaging Award (Deutsches Verpackungspreis) in the pharmaceutical and medical category for its optimization of suture storage and innovative design.