iSy system

The most state-of-the-art design

The properties and the high quality of iSy implants can be felt in practice. The modern design and threads of the iSy implants ensure high primary stability, the quality Promote® surfaces ensure fast osseointegration and long-term stable bone position.

ISy implants are available in 4 lengths and 3 diameters. 7.3 mm implants provide a good solution for small vertical bone volumes.

Length of implants:

  • 7.3 mm
  • 9.0 mm
  • 11.0 mm
  • 13.0 mm

Implant diameter:

  • 3.8 mm
  • 4.4 mm
  • 5.0 mm


Contents of the implant set

Implant set 1

  • 1 implant with prefabricated implant base 
  • 1 closing cap 
  • 1 gingiva former 
  • 2 multifunctional caps 
  • 1 disposable form drill

Implant set 4

  • 4 implants with prefabricated implant base 
  • 4 closing caps 
  • 4 gingiva formers 
  • 8 multifunctional caps 
  • 1 disposable form drill

Just a prosthetic platform

ISy implants are available in 4 lengths and 3 diameters. This allows safe handling of most indications. 7.3 mm implants provide a good solution for small vertical bone volumes.

The iSy implant system also provides tremendous freedom in prosthetics. Special connection to all implants and accessories. Which means that all prosthesis sizes fit all implants and so individual needs can be met. 

Esthomic® abutments are available in two gingiva heights. This also applies to the CAD / CAM titanium base, which is available in two prosthetic diameters.

The CAD / CAM titanium base is available in two different gingiva heights. Secure connection between implant and abutment.

The iSy implant system has a special connection to each implant and accessory. This precludes accidental replacements.

Replacement of abutments - in one step.

Snap instead of screwing in

By snapping instead of twisting, iSy provides an easy and time-saving solution for open healing. With an abutment replacement, the process is simple and the treatment time is relatively short.

Option 1

Open healing with gingiva former and snapped temporary prosthesis directly on the implant base. This maximally time- and cost-effective method also has the advantage that no abutment replacement is required.

Option 2

Open healing by shaping the implant base and restoration on prefabricated or custom DEDICAM® abutments. It only takes one step to replace one abutment.

But there is the possibility of closed healing by using the cap. Esthomic® gingiva former, Esthomic® abutments and impression posts are available for the traditional two-step process. As already mentioned - for sure, for sure.

CEREC® - According to iSy

iSy is the intelligent implant system: reduced, easy to use and very efficient. For CEREC® users, iSy can provide a particularly smart solution: The scan abutment and scanbody can be easily snapped onto the pre-assembled implant base - without a screwdriver. Several steps are eliminated from the procedure, resulting in time savings. Just snap and scan - This is iSy. 

Let yourself be convinced!

CEREC® is a registered trademark of Dentsply Sirona.

The future is digital

The iSy implant system on different interfaces can be connected to different oral and laboratory scans using computer-aided design and manufacturing procedures. Thus, with the help of iSy, it has become easy to implement prosthetic solutions created with custom CAD / CAM. And it doesn't matter if you use an operating chair or lab-side system or are affiliated with an external CAD / CAM provider. Together with DEDICAM®, iSy offers a wide range of constructions: one-piece abutments and gingiva formers, mesostructures, and crowns for titanium base, as well as direct screw-on abutments for bridges fixed on 6 implants and bars fixed on 4 implants.

Digital connection: The procedure starts with a mouth or model scan. From left to right: iSy multifunction cap on iSy implant base, iSy scanbody on iSy implant, iSy scan abutment for Sirona on iSy implant (compatible with Sirona scanbody S *) and iSy scan adapter for Sirona on iSy implant (compatible with Sirona scanbody). 

* For information on Sirona scanbody a Sirona Dental Systems GmbHyou can get from.

Using DEDICAM® with iSy

The material of mesostructures and crowns is CAD-compatible Zirlux® FC2 and IPS e.max®. 

DEDICAM® pays special attention and quality control through all steps of the procedures. It's even easier with DEDICAM® Scan & Design, which does the whole digital implementation according to your ideas. Digital prosthetics work without CAD equipment.

The iSy DEDICAM® portfolio includes a wide range of CAD / CAM-ready constructions.

Surgery with iSy

The surgical and prosthetic toolkits are combined and sufficiently reduced, helping to simplify the tool palette of the implantation process.


ISy provides both open healing with a gingiva former and closed healing with a closing cap. Thus, several options are possible with iSy. 

Option 1: Open healing with the gingiva former and an adhesive prosthesis directly on the implant base. This is the least time consuming and financially advantageous solution and also has the advantage of not having to change the abutment. 

Option 2: Open healing with the gingiva former on the implant base and a prosthesis on a prefabricated abutment or custom DEDICAM abutment. In this case, the abutment must be changed once.

Option 3: Closed healing and soft tissue shaping with gingiva former; impression taking at implant level and restoration on a prefabricated abutment or custom DEDICAM abutment.