tapered HD implantation system

BioHorizons dental implants have been proven over the years through a number of comprehensive and thorough clinical trials. The Tapered product family meets most surgical and prostate indications and needs. BioHorizons implants have an average survival rate of 99.2% and we guarantee products forever.

BioHorizons Tapered Implants

Reliability is required for immediate implantation. The new Tapered Pro implants are based on more than 10 years of reliable success in the Tapered product family. The unique design provides a reliable solution for immediate treatments.

  • The conical implant body and aggressive screw thread provide adequate primary stability
  • The reduced neck diameter helps preserve the amount of bone
  • Laser-Lok surface treatment to preserve bone marrow and create optimal connective tissue connection   

Tapered Plus implants are the equivalent of Tapered Internal with flanged neck closure. The neck features the Laser-Lok special surface treatment for optimal bone and connective tissue connection, as well as a flanged closure to maximize the amount of soft tissue.

Tapered Internal implants provide outstanding primary stability and provide optimal bone retention and soft tissue attachment. These positive properties of the implants are due to their root shape, aggressive threading, and Laser-Lok surface treatment. The 1.5 mm deep, conical inner hex connection guarantees a stable connection between the implant and the abutment and creates a biological seal.

At the top of the Tapered Tissue Level implants, there is a 1.8 millimeter high transmucosal neck for one-step procedures. Below this is a Laser-Lok surface treatment to create connective tissue connection and biological occlusion, as well as to prevent epithelial cell growth.

Laser-Lok® technology

Improved as a result of more than 25 years of research, Laser-Lok technology provides an unparalleled surface treatment for BioHorizons implants and abutments that facilitates true, physical connective tissue connectivity.

Laser-Lok SEM
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Outstanding results with immediate loading

Predictability is an essential condition for immediate loading. On average, Laser-Lok implants have a success rate of 97.2% at immediate load.

The Laser-Lok is a series of cell-sized microchannels around the neck of the implant that are formed using a patented laser ablation technology. The microchannels created with this technology are extremely uniform and, due to their size (8 microns), greatly facilitate the alignment and attachment of osteoblasts and fibroblasts to the implant surface.

Prosthetics and implant abutment connection

BioHorizons offers a wide range of abutment solutions for a wide range of indications. Our portfolios include the versatile 3inOne abutment and the practical Simple Solutions system. Thanks to the BioHorizons conical implant abutment connection and the tight machining tolerance, a “jamming effect” is created, which creates a biological lock. The Spiralock® screw design, which is also used in orthopedics and space flight, avoids the loosening of the implant screw.

Authentic connection

The 45-degree conical internal hex connection is color-coded for easy component assembly.


Multi-unit solution from BioHorizons

BioHorizons Multi-unit abutments also provide a solution for a toothless jaw. The abutments are available in straight and shaft tilted (17 ° and 30 °) versions for multiple gum heights and prosthetic platforms.

And with the TeethXpress concept, implants can be loaded immediately after implantation (thanks to outstanding primary stability).


The BioHorizons Tapered HD Surgical Tray contains all the instruments needed to insert Tapered Plus, Tapered 3.0, Tapered Tissue Level, Laser-Lok 3.0, and Tapered Internal implants.