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About Helmut Zepf

Since 1921, Helmut Zepf has been synonymous with innovative developments and the high-quality production of medical and surgical instruments. Zepf's trademark is the rapid introduction of medical device innovation with the participation of renowned professionals, joint development, and forward-looking solutions. In parallel with the growth of the company, it has developed production methods that allow it to be produced in a large number of units and to produce even better quality products.

Nowadays, Zepf has become a well-known and recognized brand, which has gained a particularly good reputation among professionals. Functionality is the main consideration when designing Helmut Zepf instruments. Optimal design and functionality is what sets these devices apart from other manufacturers.

Why do Hungarian dentists choose Helmut Zepf dental hand tools?

You can save money and time

Helmut Zepf's stainless products have an average life of 5 times longer than conventional devices and, thanks to their design, help to shorten work processes.


With the help of our team of experts, you can choose which Helmut Zepf tools can help you the most in your daily work.

Made in Germany

German quality

Helmut Zepf has been making quality instruments since 1921, and today these hand-made instruments, made in many cases from high-quality materials, are available in more than 60 countries.

CMF bone block fixation system

CMF Cranio Maxillofacial Fracture Sytem
CMF bone block fixation system

The new bone block fixation system was launched thanks to the cooperation of two global companies with a high reputation in dental technology, Mondeal Medical Systems GmbH (ARCS Alveoral Reconstruction System) and Helmut Zepf Medizintechnik GmbH (CMF System).


Zepf kézi csavarozó
Screwdriver handle with screw holder, part number 47502.02

Within the system, you will find all the necessary tools for fixing the bone block and applying the membrane and titanium mesh. On the tray, it is possible to organize the dimensions of the screws based on a unique color coding.

Recommended accessories for the CMF system include the Zepf Bone Mill for autogenous bone grinding, the augmentation kit, and a wide range of reusable microscrews and titanium pins.

Zepf Bone Mill
47954.01 Bone Mill

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Helmut Zepf provides a complete solution in diagnostics. The portfolio includes mouth mirrors, mouthpieces, probes (with octagonal handle, circularly symmetrical handle) and tweezers (serrated end, grooved end, diamond-coated end), among others.


Helmut Zepf's high-quality products are also widely used in the field of periodontology. Zepf probes have universal grips and replaceable plastic and stainless steel heads. Scalers, gingiva knives, files and chisels as well as sharpening stones and oils are also available. A wide range of curettes and prophylaxis sets are also available.


  • Gracey
  • Universal curette
  • Universal titanium curette
  • M5 titanium curette

Prophylaxis sets:

  • Gracey, 5 pieces
  • M5 deep scaler, 5 pieces
  • Universal, 5 pieces
  • Bionik, 7 pieces


19.561.13 cikkszámú Nerve-Canal Pliers
Nerve-Canal Pliers with part number 19.561.13

The most important element of the Endodontics product category is the multi-part 'Endodontia set' (curette scaler, raspatory, excavator). In addition, anatomical plate tweezers, micro-mirrors and root canal devices are also available.


19.202.00 cikkszámú Prof. Dr. Gabriel Krastl által inspirált CompoSMOOTH composite set (jobb oldalt) és a szett egyik eszköze (balra)
CompoSMOOTH composite set (right) inspired by Prof. Dr. Gabriel Krastl with article number 19.202.00 and one of the tools in the set (left)

The optimal choice of Helmut Zepf preservatives is the Composite set, but also available separately premium quality amalgam guns, sealing devices (pear and spherical), spatulas (flexible or rigid), condensers, excavators, impression buckets (also for lower and upper jaw) separating pliers and also universal tweezers / pliers.

Composite set

  • spatulas
  • grinders
  • condenser
  • plugger
  • fissure formers


In addition to the Benex II and Twist kits, the widely recognized X-tool elevators are available, as well as removal pliers, root and splinter removal pliers, diamond-coated removal pliers, removal pliers for children, periotoms, and root elevators.


In addition to compact kits, it is possible to individually order Helmut Zepf bone scrapers, augmentation curettes, punches to obtain a bone ring, a bone mill, sinus elevators, microsurgical sinus elevators, ball mills, mixing bowls, implant holding forceps, drill sleeves.

Chisels, hammers, cutting discs, wedges, wedge applicators

9 elevators and a suction tube, ball mills and a collection tray in the washing tray

expansion device (straight, curved), concave (straight, curved), convex (straight, curved)

Rivet box, membrane probe, rivet applicator, titanium rivets, sinus elevator, mixing bowl

Oral surgery

46.007.02 cikkszámú Drop-Control szikenyél és annak használata
Drop-Control scalpel with article number 46.007.02 and its use

Helmut Zepf also has a wide range of oral surgery. Available include:


  • Tweezers
  • Atraumatic tissue clips
  • Retractors
  • Bone scrapers
  • Raspatories
  • Elevators
  • Combined assets
  • Hard fabric tweezers
  • Bone tweezers
  • Soft fabric tweezers
  • Hammers
  • Scalpel handles
  • Scalpels
  • Scissors (surgical scissors, crown cutting scissors, onyx scissors with special coating)
  • Needle holders
  • Sealing devices
  • Surgical suction cups
  • Bone filers
  • Cutting Pliers
  • Intraoral mirrors


You can also count on the precision of Helmut Zepf in the field of microsurgery. Available include micro scissors, micro needle pliers, suture removal scissors, diamond-coated microsnips, spin lock tools, impact trays for micro and macro surgery, tunnel technique tools, curettes, desmotomes, papilla elevators, micro scissors and blades, and microsurgery tools for soft fabrics.


Crown tools

17.274.00 cikkszámú CROWN-TRACTOR Set cserélhető polymer fejekkel
CROWN-TRACTOR Set with interchangeable polymer heads with part number 17.274.00

Crown tools include crown-expanding pliers, universal pliers, inlay pliers, crown removers, crown ring removers and telescopic crown tools from Helmut Zepf, among others.

Additional tools

Helmut Zepf not only focuses on the high quality and precision of its tools and instruments, but also places great emphasis on their precise storage, professional washing and sterilization, and maintenance.

You can also get washing trays with a rubber separator, wash baskets, storage boxes, sterilization boxes, tool holders, mixing bowls, brushes, cannulas, oils, solvents, and cleaning foams from us.