Mineral matrixes for bone grafting

Regarded as a global leader in hard and soft tissue solutions, BioHorizons offers an extensive bone replacement portfolio on which you and your practice can build a solid foundation. Our wide range of regenerative products are scientifically proven to be suitable for a wide range of bone grafting procedures, all with balanced and outstanding performance.

BioHorizons csontpótlási portfólió


syringe for BioHorizons bone substitutes

For even more precise bone replacement, BioHorizons bone graft materials are now available in a pre-filled syringes.

MinerOss® XP porcine bone substitute

MinerOss XP is a highly porous anorganic porcine mineral matrix developed for hard tissue implantation. The structure of MinerOss XP promotes optimal osseoinduction and makes it extremely economical to use.

The following scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images show how MinerOss XP resembles the structure of natural bone. The high porosity provides enough space for natural bone to settle in the bone replacement material

MinerOss XP under 25x SEM magnification

MinerOss XP 75x SEM under magnification

MinerOss® X bovine bone substitute

The MinerOss X product family is an anorganic bovine mineral matrix that is physically and chemically very similar to the mineral structure of human bone. The MinerOss X product family is suitable for a wide range of bone replacement applications.