Complementary products for bone grafting

BioStrip and BioPlug

BioStrip and BioPlug are collagen wound dressings designed to absorb blood and other fluids in order to protect the surface and achieve optimal regeneration.

These bandages are completely absorbed in 10-14 days and are available in 10-piece, sterile packaging.

AutoTac membrane fixating system

AutoTac is a membrane fixation system that allows you to effectively secure membranes with the push of a button. The proprietary delivery handle drives titanium alloy tacks that stabilize the membrane during the healing process.

Bone fixation screw kit

Developed to address onlay bone grafting procedures, the compact kit of precision-matched titanium alloy components is versatile and effective for stabilizing block grafts. The set is available with 24 microscrews.

IntraSpin blood centrifuge system

The IntraSpin ™ system is a medical device that produces and processes PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin). The IntraSpin system is designed to create a chair-fabricated compressed platelet-rich fibrin membrane that is highly flexible and greatly promotes blood flow and rapid healing after bone augmentation. This natural blood fiber network is rich in platelets, growth promoters, cytoin, and leukocytes. These proteins promote rapid healing, especially during the critical period of the first seven days after insertion.

The IntraSpin system works according to a simple three-step method. As the first step, blood is taken from the patient, which is then rotated by IntraSpin to extract the fibrins responsible for blood clotting. The recovered fibrins are then processed within the Xpression® kit.

No anticoagulant, bovine thrombin, heating, pipetting, second spin, chemical additives or expensive consumables.