Tapered Pro implants

Reliability is a prerequisite for immediate implant solutions. The new Tapered Pro implants from BioHorizons offer maximum primary stability due to their unique design.

reliable, instant results


Reliability is essential for immediate treatments. The development of Tapered Pro implants was made possible by the 10-year success of Tapered implants. The unique design results in a reliable solution for immediate treatments.

  • the conical implant body and the aggressive thread provide outstanding primary stability
  • in challenging cases, the cutting edge at the tip of the implant and the self-tapping thread on the body ensure accuracy
  • reduced neck diameter to preserve key bone
  • unique Laser-Lok microchannels prevent epithelial cell growth and greatly facilitate connective tissue attachment

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Full compatibility

Placement of Tapered Pro implants is possible with the existing BioHorizons Tapered HD surgical kit. It is not necessary to expand the set with additional drills and tools. In addition, all elements of BioHorizons ’extensive prosthetic portfolio are compatible with Tapered Pro implants.


aggressive threading

deep-seated, leaning thread for primary stability


cutting edge

cutting edge and self-tapping thread ensure accuracy in challenging cases


Laser-Lok microchannels

Laser-Lok microchannels on the neck provide connective tissue connection similar to a natural tooth


color coded platform

the implants and prosthetic elements of the system are marked with an easy-to-remember color code





prosthetic platforms

  • Conical internal hex connection
  • Bone level insertion
  • 3.0 mm
  • 3.5 mm
  • 4.5 mm

available diameters

available lengths

surface treatment

  • 3.8 mm
  • 4.2 mm
  • 4.6 mm
  • 5.2 mm
  • 9.0mm
  • 10.5mm
  • 12.0mm
  • 15.0mm
  • 18.0mm
  • Lasr-Lok microchannels in the neck
  • RBT surface treatment on the implant body

Laser-Lok: more research, better implants

By controlling cell migration, the aesthetic value can be increased.

The Laser-Lok is a series of cell-sized microchannels around the neck of the implant that are formed using a patented laser ablation technology.

The microchannels created by this technology are extremely smooth and, due to their cell-sized width (8 microns), greatly facilitate the arrangement and attachment of osteoblasts and fibroblasts to the implant surface.