New PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants for the CONELOG system are now available. These implants have been developed for outstanding primary stability as well as immediate implantation and loadability.

Nowadays, there is a growing demand in implantology for solutions that use shorter treatment times, help to install prosthetic solutions as soon as possible, and reduce the number of treatments for patients. Since its announcement in April 2018, hundreds of implants have been inserted as part of CAMLOG® PROGRESSIVE-LINE testing.

camlog-conelog progressive-line

Based on the feedback, this implant reliably provides outstanding primary stability in bone of any quality. Many implants that promise immediate loadability are only ideal for a narrow market segment and limited bone types. In contrast, PROGRESSIVE-LINE has been developed to be the right choice for every indication.

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The immediate load-bearing capacity of PROGRESSIVE-LINE implants is made possible by its external geometry and screw thread.

The thread of the PROGRESSIVE-LINE extends all the way to the tip of the implant. This greatly facilitates immediate implantation. The so-called intelligent threading is deeply connected to the bone, perfectly dissipating axial forces and helping to compact the bone.

A special 'coronal anchor thread' is located on the neck of the implant. This threading provides adequate stability even with a limited amount of bone. The conical part of the implant is shaped like a tooth root. This, on the one hand, greatly contributes to the primary stability of the implant and, on the other hand, reduces the diameter of the implant, which can facilitate implantation in challenging cases.

PROGRESSIVE-LINE is now available for the CONELOG® implant system and will be available for the CAMLOG® system from September this year *. The prosthetic portfolio of SCREW-LINE implants is exactly the same as the portfolio available for PROGRESSIVE-LINE for both systems.

* We reserve the rights to make changes.