For patients

For patients

Implant supported dentures give the same feeling as your own natural teeth. Implants are able to fully restore the functions of natural teeth - thus ensuring that you can maintain or regain your previous feeling of comfort and natural smile on the long run. 

CAMLOG has been a recognized manufacturer of various dental implants for more than 20 years. As implant types vary from each other greatly, so do the the types of tooth defects. 

Whether you have one tooth missing or several missing teeth, the dental professionals working in CAMLOG's reference clinics will find the right solution for you:

Why is a dental implant the best solution?

Function and aesthetics

like your own teeth

The bone is a living tissue. This means that if the jaw bone does not feel the effects of chewing, it will slowly regress (atrophy).

With an implant supported denture, the bone receives impulses that prevent bone loss and promote long-term gum health. In terms of their function and appearance, dentures fixed on a dental implant are very similar to natural teeth.


natural smile

Implant supported dentures provide a completely natural feeling. Talk, laugh and enjoy these natural things of life without restrictions.

Whether it is a fixed or removable denture, the implants provide maximum comfort, whil cleaning them is very easy.


solution for up to a lifetime

The common belief that dental implants are an expensive solution is soon put into perspective when the lifetime of an implant treatment is considered.

Scientific studies verify the longev­ity of implants with optimal care and regular checkups. A high-quality implant treat­ment is thus a long-term investment in the future of your dental health.

50 %
Success rate

Implants are an established therapy. For more than 30 years it has been a safe and recognized method of treatment. As a result of continued research, the success rates nowadays are as high as 97 percent.

Single missing teeth

Szóló foghiány

Single missing teeth - after implant replacement

Szóló foghiány implantátummal pótolva

One of the biggest advantages of a dental implant in a tooth defect is that you do not have to touch adjacent teeth. During implantation treatment, they will not be damaged or sanded, unlike the traditional bridge-making process. The valuable natural dental material is preserved.

Toothless jaw

Fogatlan mandibula

Bar construction fixed on 4 implants

Fogatlan mandibula helyreállítása stéges elhorgonyzással

In the case of toothless jawbone, full arch restorations can be stabilized with the help of 4 or 6 implants. Thus, the prosthesis is stable, which improves comfort.

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