New items for the CAMLOG and CONELOG systems

In addition to the Closing Screw Release and Smoothing Face Mills, which offer greater precision in surgery, the portfolio of CAMLOG® and CONELOG® systems has also been expanded with analogues for printed plastic models.

Locking screw release milling cutter and Smoothing face milling cutter

Screw release milling cutters and end mills for diameters from Ø3.3 to 5.0 millimeters are now available for CAMLOG and CONELOG.

Locking screw release cutter

Article number: J5004.XXXX

Zárócsavar felszabadító frézer zárócsavarokkal

The locking screw release cutter can be used to remove bone tissue grown on the locking screw before removing it. The cutter is guided by a pin that fits in a hexagon on the head of the locking screw. 

Zárócsavar felszabadító frézer

Due to the different locking screw diameters, the locking screw release milling cutter is available in four different sizes and is color-coded according to the prosthetic platforms. The milling cutter can be used for both CAMLOG and CONELOG systems, and the milling cutter with code number J5004.3300 is also compatible with the iSy® system.

Smoothing face mill

Article number: J5006.XXXX

Simító homlokfrézer

The smoothing face mill creates a flat surface by guiding the pin into the hole created by the guide channel drilling to achieve an even bone profile during fabrication of the implant bed (CAMLOG or CONELOG). To track the depth, laser markers were placed on the miller every 0.5 millimeters. 

By using a trowel face mill, the available bone height is reduced. This should be taken into account when planning the implantation. 

After using the trowel face mill, the preparation of the implant bed can be continued following the drilling protocol.

Implant for analog printed and plaster models

New implant analogs are available for CAMLOG and CONELOG systems. The new analogs can be used for both printed plastic and gypsum models. When making printed models, the new analogues offer an economical solution thanks to the reduced height and the material saved by it. 

CAMLOG implantátum analógok
CONELOG implantátum analógok

These one-piece implant analogs provide exceptional positional stability due to their design. Analogs can be inserted with the same device for both CAMLOG and CONELOG. Two insertion devices are available for these analogs. The J3025.0010 device can be used for prosthetic platforms with a diameter of 3.3, 3.8, and 4.3 millimeters, and the J3025.0015 device for prosthetic platforms with a diameter of 5.0 and 6.0 millimeters.

CAM-CON implantátum analóg nyél

Extra short manual drive

Article number: J5300.0031

Extra rövid kézi behajtó

An extra short (13.7 mm long) manual drive for CAMLOG and CONELOG is now available for easier handling in challenging situations.