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THE Logintech Magyarország Kft. (6722
Szeged, Vitéz u. 9.., cg.: 06-09-006940, képviseletében Farsang Tamás ügyvezető,
hereinafter: Data Manager) the economic
in the course of its activities, the data of the data subjects (hereinafter collectively Affected)

The data
In connection with the management of the Data Controller, the Data Controller hereby informs the Stakeholders
on how and how to exercise their rights.


"Data Manager": that is natural
or a legal person, public authority, agency or any other body which
the purposes and means of processing personal data, independently or with others
together determine; if the purposes and means of the data processing are
determined by the law of a Member State, the controller or the designation of the controller
EU or Member State law
you can specify.

"Personal data": identified
or any identifiable natural person (“data subject”)
information; a natural person who is direct or indirect can be identified
in particular by means of an identifier such as name, number, location data,
online identifier or the physical, physiological, genetic,
one or more of its intellectual, economic, cultural or social identity
identifiable by several factors;

"Data handling": the personal
performed on data or files in an automated or non-automated manner
any operation or set of operations, such as collecting, recording,
systematization, segmentation, storage, transformation or alteration, query,
access, use, communication, transmission, distribution or otherwise
by making available, harmonizing or interconnecting, restricting, deleting,
or destruction;

"Restrictions on data processing": the stored
marking personal data in order to limit their future processing;

"Profiling": personal data
any form of automated management in which personal
certain personal characteristics of a natural person
particularly in terms of job performance, economic situation,
health status, personal preferences, interests,
related to reliability, behavior, location, or movement
used to analyze or predict characteristics;

"Data Processor": that
natural or legal person, public authority, agency or any other body
a body that processes personal data on behalf of the controller;

"Addressee": that is natural
or a legal person, public authority, agency or any other body with which
or with whom personal data are disclosed, whether or not they are third parties
is afraid. Public bodies that are subject to an individual investigation in the EU
or have access to personal data in accordance with the law of the Member State, no
are considered to be recipients; the processing of such data by these public authorities
it must comply with the applicable data management purposes
data protection rules;

"Data subject's consent": the
voluntary, specific and duly informed of the will of the person concerned and
a clear statement by which the relevant statement or confirmation
by an unequivocally expressive act, it indicates that it gives its consent
to process personal data concerning him;

"Privacy Incident": the
a breach of security that has been transmitted, stored or otherwise handled
accidental or unlawful destruction or loss of personal data,
unauthorized communication or unauthorized access to them



The legal basis for data management in connection with the operation of the Data Controller is all defined below
processing of personal data by natural persons
the free movement of such data and Regulation (EC) No 95/46
THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT on the repeal of the General Data Protection Regulation
AND COUNCIL REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 (‘the Regulation’) Article 6 (1) (a)
on the basis of the voluntary consent of the data subject. The
The data subject is entitled to notify the Data Controller in writing
withdraw its consent to data processing in whole or in part,
or request the deletion of your data.



Data handling

range of data

Data handling

Data handling
its goal

Data handling
legal basis

Curricula vitae

The people involved are personal

The submitter
on the basis of its declaration.

The applicants
possible inclusion.


management of personal materials of students and other legal employees

The people involved are personal

The employment relationship
or within the time limit specified by law.

Your employer
fulfillment of obligations.

Legislation (Labor
Code, Mt) and the consent of the person concerned.

Payroll calculator
program database

personal information

In law
specified deadline

fulfillment of an obligation.

prescription (Mt.)

Tax returns
preparation of income certificates, issuance of income certificates, data services.

personal information

The employment relationship
statutory deadline.

fulfillment of an obligation.

(Mt.) and the consent of the person concerned.


personal information

from subscription to unsubscription.

Acquisition of business,

consent website, some visitors are personal

personal information

from its consent to its withdrawal

business acquisition,















data are primarily entitled to the Data Controller and the Data Controller's internal employees
to disclose, they will not be disclosed to third parties in this Privacy Policy
They will not be passed on beyond what is specified for information.

Data controller is
uses the following data processors.

accounting activity:

legal activity: Snowy Law Office,
6721 Szeged, Szent I. tér 16.,,



Information and access to personal data

To the Data Subject
you have the right to the personal data stored by the Data Controller and their handling
information at any time, check that it is
What data does the data controller keep about it, and is it entitled to:
access to personal data. The Data Subject is for the data
must send his request for access to the Data Controller in writing
and the requested data in writing (electronically or by post)
letter) provide the Data Controller with oral information not in this context

Access right
In the case of the exercise of

- the range of data processed

- purpose, time, legal basis of data processing
the scope of the data processed,

- data transmission: to whom
the data have been or will be transmitted at a later date,

- indication of data source.

Data controller is a paper or electronic copy of personal data for the first time
provided free of charge to the person concerned. Additional requested by the data subject
for such copies, the Data Controller may charge a fee based on administrative costs
up. If the data subject requests an electronic copy, the information shall be provided
by e-mail in a widely used electronic format
Data controller for the relevant provision.

concerned after the information, if the data processing, is processed
do not agree with the accuracy of the data, as defined in this section
request the rectification, addition, deletion,
may object to the processing of such personal data,
or initiate the procedure specified in point 6.

The right to correct and supplement the personal data processed


at the request of the data subject, the Data Controller shall rectify the data without undue delay
inaccurate personal data provided in writing by the data subject, or
complete incomplete data with the content indicated by the data subject.
The Data Controller shall inform all recipients of the rectification
with whom he has communicated personal data, unless this is impossible
proves or requires a disproportionate amount of effort. The person concerned e
inform the recipients if they so request in writing.

c) Right to Restriction on Data Processing

the data subject is entitled to be restricted by the Data Controller upon his / her written request
data management if

the data subject disputes the personal data
accuracy, in which case the restriction shall apply for a period which is
allows the Data Controller to verify the accuracy of personal data.

the data processing is illegal and the data subject
opposes the deletion of the data and calls instead for their use

the Data Controller no longer needs the
personal data for data processing purposes, but the data subject requires them to be legal
to submit, assert or defend claims,

the data subject protests against the data processing
against; in this case, the restriction shall apply for the period until it is established
it is not taken into account whether the legitimate reasons of the Data Controller take precedence over the data subject
legitimate reasons.

The data controller shall, at the request of the data subject at whose request the data processing has been restricted,
inform you in advance of the lifting of the data processing restriction.

d) Right of cancellation (forgetting)

at the request of the data subject, the Data Controller shall delete the data without undue delay
personal data of the data subject if one of the specified reasons

personal data is no longer needed from it
for the purpose for which they were collected or otherwise handled by the Data Controller;

the data subject withdraws the data processing
and there is no other legal basis for data processing;

related to the situation of the data subject
protests against the processing for other reasons and there is no legitimate reason to

the person concerned protests against him
processing of personal data for direct business purposes
including profiling, insofar as it is for direct business acquisition

personal data is processed illegally by the Data Controller;

to collect personal information directly
by offering information society services to children
took place in connection with.

the data subject may not exercise the right of cancellation or forgetfulness if it
data management is required

freedom of expression and
for the purpose of exercising the right to information;

public interest in the field of public health
Based on;

for the purpose of archiving in the public interest, scientific
and for historical research or statistical purposes, if deleted
exercise of this right would make it impossible or seriously jeopardize this
data management; obsession

to submit, enforce or defend claims.

Right to data portability

data portability allows the data subject to obtain and
you can continue to use the data contained in the Data Management System
provided “their own” data, for their own purposes and through different service providers.
In all cases, the right is limited to the data provided by the data subject,
there is no possibility of portability of other data. (eg statistics, transactional
data, etc.)

affected by the personal data relating to him in the Data Controller's system

articulated, widely used, by machine
receive in readable format,

entitled to transfer to another data controller,

may request the direct transmission of data to
to another data controller - if this is technically feasible in the Data Controller's system.

Data controller for data portability request only by email or mail
on the basis of a written request. In order to fulfill the request, it is necessary that
Data controllers make sure that the rightful data subject really wants it
to exercise this right. To do this, you need to give the data subject in your application
data provided to the Data Controller on the Website or in any other way
in order to be able to identify the claimant
using the data in your system. This right is affected
maximum of the data that it voluntarily requests
provided to the Data Controller. Exercising the right does not automatically involve
by deleting data from the systems of the Data Controller.

Protest against the processing of personal data


concerned may at any time, for reasons related to his own situation, object in person
against the processing of your data, including profiling or the data subject
has the right to object to personal data concerning him at any time
against direct business acquisition, including profiling
is. If the person concerned protests the personal data direct business acquisition
personal data, the personal data will be referred to in
not managed by the Data Controller for this purpose. The person concerned will protest in writing (by email or
by post) can.

Deadline for fulfilling the request

Data controller without undue delay, but in any case in accordance with point 5 f.)
within one month of receipt of any request
concerned of the measures taken. If necessary, taking into account the application
complexity and number of applications, this deadline is an additional two months
may be extended, but in this case, stating the reasons for the delay
The controller shall inform it within one month of receipt of the request
the data subject. If the application has been submitted by electronic means, the
information shall be provided by the Data Controller electronically, unless it is provided by the data subject
asks otherwise.


you may exercise your rights by e-mail or postal application.
It is not possible to enforce any rights over the phone. The person concerned is a
You can exercise your rights at the following contacts:

Name: Carnival
Tamás ügyvezető

Mailing address: Logintech
Kft. 6722 Szeged, Vitéz u. 9.

Phone number: +36 (62) 424-379


cannot exercise his rights if the Data Controller proves that
is not in a position to identify the data subject. If the data subject's request
clearly unfounded or excessive (especially of a repetitive nature
subject to a reasonable fee from the Data Controller for the execution of the request
may charge or refuse the measure. Proof of this is
It is a burden on the data controller. If the Data Controller has any doubts about the requesting
in relation to the identity of the natural person, further, the applicant
may request the information necessary to confirm his identity.

affected by the Decree and the Civil Code (Act V of 2013)
to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (1125 Budapest,
Erzsébet Szilágyi alley 22 / c .; or before the Court of Justice
enforce your rights.


privacy incident is a breach of security that is transmitted, stored
or otherwise processed personal data is accidental or unlawful
destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or
resulting in unauthorized access to them. The Data Controller is the data protection
control of incident-related measures, the supervisory authority
and for the purpose of informing the data subject
leads, which includes the range of personal data involved in the incident, the data subjects
the scope and number of the incident, the date, circumstances, effects of the incident, the
measures taken to prevent If the Data Controller deems that one
a given incident poses a high risk to the rights and freedoms of those concerned
without undue delay, but not later than 72 hours
the data subject and the supervisory authority of the data protection incident.


The data controller undertakes to ensure the security of the data and will do so
the technical measures to ensure that the
and the data handled are protected or do everything in their power
in order to prevent their destruction is unauthorized
unauthorized use. It also commits itself to
any third parties to whom you may transfer the data
also calls on it to fulfill its obligations in this regard.


Data controller
reserves the right to make this Privacy Notice available to the Stakeholders in advance

Present Privacy Policy
This prospectus is valid from May 25, 2018.

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